Beautiful places to visit in Mombasa

haller park giraffes
Where to stop by for a blend of history and culture in Mombasa.

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Once a central hub for Arabs, British, Portuguese, and locals, Mombasa has become a beautiful melting pot that tourists from all over the world can cherish. 

Formerly known as “the Island of war,” the coastal town is one of the most picturesque towns you will visit on the African continent. 

The 800-year-old burping beachside city has a rich, refined history and tales worth an ear. At a time the most significant port town in Kenya, Mombasa is a scenic island in a turquoise cove of the Indian Ocean sprawling 100 miles north to south. The lively tourist town has pretty exciting sites to consider on your Mombasa city tour.

Whether you are looking to stay in Nyali, Bamburi, or Mtwapa, there are plenty of eye-catching sites for you to indulge on your Mombasa walking tour. Here is a list of some beautiful places worth adding to your itinerary.

Fort Jesus

It is almost criminal to visit Mombasa and not stopover at the old citadel at the bunks of the Indian Ocean. An old powerhouse was strategic in trade and administration once the Portuguese constructed the world’s biggest port, Fort Jesus, between 1593 and 1596. 

Designed by Cairati, an Italian architect, Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site. While at the premises, you will spot ancient bones of war veterans, old cannons, and artifacts on the town’s different occupants. 

Haller Park

Formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail, Haller Park is a beautiful itinerary for your Mombasa walking tour. Once a cement factory, the premises were reclaimed by nature thanks to the efforts of humans and philanthropists. 

Red millipedes first populated the land creating compost before other life started to sprout on the ground. Today, Haller Park is a sanctuary of giraffes, Cape buffalos, crocodiles, waterbucks, zebras, and hippos.

Mamba Village Mombasa

Enjoy a nature walk through East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. Even though it is predominantly a crocodile farm, Mamba Village has plenty more animals and flora to explore. 

The best part about touring this farm is you get to taste game meat at the restaurant on the premises after choosing the specific crocodile you want to devour. Another exciting activity is you get to carry a live young croc before heading to the stables to ride a horse—a beautiful day itinerary.

Old Town Mombasa

Take the trip down memory lane and see how the old occupants (Arabs, Asians, British, and Portuguese) used to stay in the beautiful old town. Your Mombasa walking tour on the tiny cobbled streets with ancient architecture of over 200 years towering will be unforgettable. Then, walk through the shops in the city to get yourself some souvenirs for your trip.

Marine Park

Mombasa’s underwater harbor covers 84 sq. km of coral reef and is a popular destination because it’s close to the shore. Whether you go snorkeling or diving, the beautiful coral and sea life at the bottom of the ocean is a worthwhile sight. You will see stingrays, octopuses, eels, seahorses, dolphins, and sharks.  

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