6 Easy Day Trips from Mombasa

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Quick trips to make your time in Mombasa even more interesting.

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Mombasa day trips are your best bet to maximize your adventures while visiting the seaside city. Therefore, day trips from Mombasa perfectly complement Kenya’s safari experience. 

Mombasa is the second metropolitan city in Kenya. Therefore, the best Mombasa day trips touch on what makes Kenya special, ranging from wildlife to aquatic life tours, coastal rainforest tours, and romantic dining cruises. 

Looking for ways to spend a day during your next visit to Mombasa? Here are six easy Mombasa day trips. 

Tsavo East National Park Day Trip

Tsavo East National Reserve day trip is one of the most adventurous trips from Mombasa. 

Tsavo National Park boasts an expansive display of wildlife. Drive out to visit Kenya’s largest park and view its “Big Five” sensation. The “Big Five” include: Leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos. 

Tsavo is one of the few national parks with these five large African Mammal Species. The trip is fantastic at both dusk and dawn, with six hours of active safari touring and beautiful sights at sunrise. Other wild animals you should look out for include cheetahs, hippopotamus, zebras, waterbucks, crocodiles, and hyenas.

Shimba Hills National Reserve Tour

A day experience to Shimba hills from Mombasa is unexpectedly alluring. 

The coastal rainforest will beckon your indulgence from the very entrance, where you can spot some game animals like warthogs, elephants, black and white monkeys, amongst others. The rain forests are widespread, offering fantastic views, mists, waterfalls, and sea breezes. 

Dinner at Tamarind Dhow 

Tamarind Dhow is not your classic restaurant – it is a boat!

Having dinner at Tamarind Dhow is a unique and romantic experience. Enjoy a colorful sunset on this exceptional evening cruise as you sip on local cocktails and munch on grilled lobster. 

The floating restaurant offers soft music against the crashing waves of the sea and a live cooking experience. The Tamarind Dhow restaurant is one of the best on the coast and will give you and your partner a perfect evening.

Wasini Dhow and Dolphin Excursion

Drive out to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park to experience a full day of excitement. 

First, go swimming, bird watching, sailing, dolphin viewing, and snorkeling. Then, go sailing on a traditional boat (dhow) and let the sounds of the sea wash over you and relax you. 

You could also sit by the waterline and enjoy the views of aquatic animals swimming along with the dhow. You definitely shouldn’t miss this trip if you are a nature buff. 

Mamba Village Visit (Mamba Crocodile Farm) Tour

Have you ever seen live crocodiles? 

Even if you have, you likely haven’t seen them like this. Visit the Mamba Crocodile farm – East Africa’s biggest crocodile farm in East Africa and enjoy a visit (from a distance!) with the world’s most notorious man-eaters. 

Mombasa City Tour

We’ve got to say that one of our favorite day trips from Mombasa… is actually a trip around Mombasa!

Take a day tour around the city of Mombasa and immerse yourself in the international flavors and history. 

The coastal town boasts Swahili, Portuguese, and Arabic cultures with diverse distinctive heritage and busy markets. Enjoy a tour of Fort Jesus and get mesmerized by the historical tales. 

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