Best fun activities for your Mombasa visit

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Fun ways to spend a day in Mombasa.

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Mombasa is well-known for being full of historical buildings and incredible cultural activities. Visitors are often surprised to know there are also plenty of modern activities too, from paintball and dancing to movies and water parks.

You’ll never forget the first time you visit Mombasa. The coastal paradise in Kenya was my first vacation spot after finishing college in 2017. I had just completed my mandatory research paper in Nairobi, and having read about the beautiful town, I decided to give into my curiosity. 

The lovely touristy towns were a great welcome as the airport taxi located the hotel in Nyali. The ecstasy of a Mombasa walking tour was the highlight of my first evening in the town. With all the articles I had read on the fun places to hang out, I blended right in with the locals. 

Unlike most coastal towns on the African peninsula, Mombasa is affordable, with a rich blend of activities and places worth exploring. The vibrant nightlife was a significant bonus to my eventful trip. 

Do you have a trip planned to Kenya’s second-largest metropolitan coming up? Here is a list of fun places you might need to focus on during your Mombasa city tour.

Go Kart and Paintball at Shanzu

Shanzu is the perfect spot to get your adrenaline pumping. 

The hub in North Coast along the Mombasa-Malindi Road is a beautiful spot with an illustrious list of activities to get your heart racing. Enjoy go-karting from as low as $35, depending on the race type and duration of the said race. 

There is also plenty to indulge in while at this estate, such as paintball, rodeo bull riding, archery, bowling, and racing simulators.

Go dancing at a nightclub in Mombasa

Before I set off for any vacation, I did enough research on the nightlife. I believe that a town’s true identity comes out when the sun goes down. And in that regard, Mombasa was a delight. 

The city sprawls with many nightclubs that should complement your Mombasa city tour. Mingle with the city locals as you enjoy some fine cocktails with great music to cap off your day in the African paradise. Check out Tapas Cielo, Anuba Lounge, Danka Grill and Lounge, Club Hypnotica, and Florida Nightclub and Casino

See a Movie at Nyali Cinemax

Are you afraid of spoilers on social media? Mombasa has a few cinema halls to help you catch up on the latest blockbusters. 

With that, I loved my experience at Nyali Cinemax. The cinema hall is well managed with comfortable seats. In addition, it was the first Barco digital cinema hall in Kenya with great amenities such as cafes and shops.

Visit Wild Waters Kenya

There is a good chance you visit Mombasa and get bothered by the heat, especially during the summer. One of the ways to cool your body is a visit to the Wild Waters Kenya. The trip to the water park is a beautiful family itinerary. At the same time, you can hop on any of the 20 waterslides, twirl and twist before dumping you 5 feet into the water.

Enjoy a coffee at Jahazi Coffee House

Having read about the best hotspots for my trip to Mombasa, there was a common denominator on all the different blogs: the Jahazi Coffee House

The charmingly aesthetic coffee house is one of the best afternoon itineraries and offers you a chance to enjoy a fine cup of coffee with some intrinsic Swahili dishes.  

What’s even better? Adding one of these fun activities onto your own Mombasa City Tour. If you’re looking for a guide to make your upcoming visit to Mombasa special, I hope you’ll give Humphrey Tours a try!

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