The Best Time Of Year To Visit Mombasa

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Find out the best seasons to visit Mombasa.

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While you can go to Mombasa at any time during the year thanks to its impeccable weather conditions, some seasons are more suitable than the others. 

The weather in Mombasa resonates with the climate of the East African coast, even though it tends to get quite humid. 

Today, we’re going to break down the best times to go to Mombasa based on both ideal seasons and travel expenses. 

Traveling to Mombasa in the Spring and Summer

Mombasa’s wet seasons are mainly April and May, with few drizzles in June. Therefore, you should expect heavy rains during this time, especially in the afternoons. It’s not uncommon for it to rain all day or each day of the week. 

There are still plenty of hours to soak up the sunshine and experience a good time at the beach. In April and May, there is a minimum of 18 days in which rain is predicted. In June, expect very minimal rainfall as it is the month with minor showers and has plenty of sunshine. 

 After the rains comes a prolonged dry season that begins in July and runs until October. If you’ve been making plans to visit Mombasa, any of these months make an excellent time to travel. During this season, there is ample sunshine, making it extra exciting to go for a swim, a Mombasa city walking tour, or to soak in the sun on the seashore while sipping on a few cocktails. 

Be sure to pack light as Mombasa is humid during those months. If your visit to Mombasa extends beyond a Mombasa city tour and to a safari, be sure to know the best spots and best season to visit the beautiful hoary metropolis with excellent links to the country’s wildlife spots.

Traveling to Mombasa in the Fall and Winter

In November, the constant sunshine makes it an excellent time to go to Mombasa. You’ll rarely need to worry about drizzle as you’re much more likely to get the most from your daylight hours’ entertainment this month. 

Like most other months, it is hot throughout the day and night which warrants mild packing. Be sure to pack a few shorts and t-shirts for a great summer experience. Then begins the busy and shorter summertime of December to February. 

There are many vacations in December, so that is an entire season and delivery and lodging prices can be better. Try traveling in February in case you are on a budget. 

Climate in Mombasa

The temperature in Mombasa is generally around 22℃ (71℉) during the nights and can get as high as 33℃ (91℉) during the day. 

The temperature comes to around 32℃ (90℉) in January and February, 27℃ (80℉) in June, July, and August. 

The best season of the year to visit Mombasa

 The most suitable time to visit Mombasa is from June to August. During these months, the days are warm enough for you to experience an afternoon on the seashore. Likewise, it’s not too crowded, so whether you’re planning a Mombasa city tour or a trip to the Mombasa coast, you’ll have plenty of space to yourself!

Karibu Mombasa!

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