The must-try seafood for your next visit to Mombasa

mombasa sefood
The best places to get crab, lobster, and shrimp in Mombasa.

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If you have visited or you plan on visiting Mombasa, then you appreciate the beckon of the sea, swimming and soaking up in the sun along countless beaches. However, Mombasa has more to offer than beaches, enticing blue waters, and rich history. 

The cosmopolitan East African coastline boasts a blend of cultures, rich history and a variety of seafood that visitors from all over the world will enjoy. Having once been the largest port of East Africa, Mombasa brings its history to the plate thanks to a number of delicious restaurants. 

Part of Mombasa sits on an island surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, while on the other part, the ocean meets the mainland by a causeway. 

One of the must-do things in Mombasa is to try out the city’s diverse seafood offerings, such as lobster, prawns, crabs, and seafood platters. After all, tasting local cuisines is one of the most authentic parts of traveling.

Grilled Lobster in Mombasa

There are many seafood cafes to choose from in Mombasa, but Tamarind Dhow is not your average restaurant; it is a boat! You’ll enjoy an exclusive dining experience at Tamarind Dhow. Munch on grilled lobster while floating on the water and being immersed in the pleasing sounds of live music and the tranquil ocean. 

While you can get on a dhow anywhere in Mombasa, it is different with the Tamarind boat, where you get to enjoy some succulent seafood and listen to live music as you float. Arab Dhow boats have been on the East African coast for centuries. One more perk of eating at Tamarind Dhow is a live cooking experience. 

Another outstanding location for prawns and Lobster is the Jahazi Seafood Grill. Imagine you by the beach, dining on some mouthwatering seafood grilled to perfection and sipping on a cold beverage at dusk following a beautiful day of swimming. Tempting, right? And so is the Jahazi Seafood Grill in the middle of Serena Beach Resort & Spa. 

The seafood cafeteria offers an A la carte seafood menu and a scenic view of the beach. The restaurant is designed entirely to look like a dhow, and the interior is designed to give the real dhow interior experience. 

Enjoy a full course meal with fresh jumbo prawns and Jahazi grilled lobster at the Jahazi Seafood grill. The prawns and lobster are always fresh and grilled to perfection.

Prawns, Crabs, and More in Mombasa

Established with the determination to create the finest seafood restaurant in Arica, Tamarind Restaurant does not disappoint. If you are looking to try a variety of seafood during your visit to Mombasa, then Tamarind is the place to go. 

Some of their specialties include the Prawn Pili Pili, Chili Crab (be sure to state your pepper preferences), and Lobster. With Tamarind, great things come in twos! This grounded option will not disappoint if you cannot catch the Tamarind Dhow (boat/ floating restaurant). 

Be sure to try out Tamarind’s signature cocktail Dawa, a traditional Swahili cocktail of vodka, honey, lime, crushed ice, and sugar, as you enjoy the ambiance. Looking for a Mombasa walking tour that highlights some of the city’s best foods? Then get in touch and let Humphrey Tours be your guide to Mombasa!

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