The Closest Wild Animal Parks To Mombasa

Easy wild animal parks to get to from Mombasa.

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Visiting Mombasa, enjoying the water sports, and soaking in the sun while sipping on Dawa is sufficient for a single visit. Yet to the ambitious traveler,  there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of Mombasa. Beyond a Mombasa city tour, the region around Mombasa still  has so much to offer. 

From picturesque beaches to excellent  game drives, rich culture, tasty cuisines, and cocktails, you name it. Better yet, most of the top attractions are close to each other and will take you less than a day from the beaches of Mombasa to get there and back – ideal for staying at a scenic resort while still getting the most out of your Kenyan adventure. 

If you’ve been planning to visit Mombasa and want to know the closest wild animal parks, check them out below.

Mamba Village

Mamba Village is a must-see sight during a visit to Mombasa. It is heaven for those who love to see crocodiles. Mamba Village is the biggest crocodile farm in East Africa, boosting the rare African crocodiles.  

Here, you can get yourself a tour guide who will tell you about crocodiles’ life cycle, age, behavior, weight, and other intrinsic information. The village also has horse and camel riding services, and you can either ride or take lessons if you’d like to learn. 

It is easy to be spoiled for choice at Mamba village. Be sure to try one of the game meat dishes at the village restaurant. Even better, try some crocodile meat. 

Haller Park

Another wild animal park to visit in Mombasa is Haller Park. The park boasts a reptile park, a viewing platform for giraffes, and various wildlife species. Some of the wildlife species you are likely to view at Haller include; crocodiles, monkeys, bushbucks, giraffes, golden palm weaver, hippos, and many others! 

The park also has some farms where you can either self-educate or have a tour guide to show you around. This park has an even better perk for those who love taking nighttime walks as it is safe to take walks on the park’s trails during the night. 

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

Nguuni Nature sanctuary is a small park in Mombasa. The small scenic park is an excellent place to gaze upon giraffes and ostriches at close range. 

In just about 10 minutes, you can escape the confines of your room and drive to Nguni. The park is family-friendly and even better, you can picnic or camp here with your family for a night in the wild. 

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve

Do you love aquatic life? If yes, the best place to visit for a day trip is Mombasa Marine National Park and reserve. It is also known as the allure of natural beauty. The park boasts hundreds of fish species, including; dolphins, crabs, sea turtles, corals, seagrass, sea urchins, gastropods, and other aquatic animals. 

Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, and other fun activities at his location. The park is located amidst Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks. If surfing is your passion, this is one of the best locations for windsurfing in Mombasa. 

Whether you’re looking for a tour or guide to take you around the city of Mombasa or you’d like help arranging transport to one of these incredible animal parks

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